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Sofea Wide Shawl Pattern (Update)

Sofea Wide Shawl Pattern 

Our latest design wide shawl namely Sofea Wide Shawl ( most wanted =) ! ) has 10 different fabulous pattern that you all will fall in love with. Seriously! So do I...

Every pattern we choose with love and very careful just to make sure that it will look stunning who ever will wear it. I promise =))

Shawl Material: 100% Cotton
Measurement: 26.5' X 67.5' inch approximately
Price: RM44 each

How to wash:
We recommend to lightly hand wash only. Use product softener instead of laundry detergent.

Sofea Wide Shawl very easy to wear and suitable to wear with inner neck/inner neck covered from our collection as well.

Enjoy shopping here =)

Sofea Wide Shawl Beautiful Magenta
Status: Available

Sofea Wide Shawl Brown Leopard
Status: Available

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