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Pashmina Care

Pashmina Care

With proper care, your pashmina can last a lifetime.

Pashmina is best washed by hand, on a very protective delicate/wool machine cycle or professionally dry-cleaned, the latter being the recommended.


To hand wash:
  • Your pashmina scarf is easily handwashed in cold/lukewarm water using a mild wool detergent such as woolite or Farrlacey's soap free Wool Mix Detergent (link below) specially made for delicate items. Slight fulling is called for as the raised nap of your pashmina is weighed down by water. This is best done with an old style washing board, but be very gentle.
  • The pashmina should then be rolled into a towel to press out excess water and then laid flat to dry to avoid creases.
  • Gently stretch your pashmina into its original shape and allow it to airdry completely.

Removing creases

To remove creases from your pashmina either steam press or carefully iron with the added protection of a pressing cloth. However if it becomes badly wrinkled we advise having your pashmina dry-cleaned so as not to lose the vitality of the fabric. Do not put your pashmina in a tumble dryer.

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