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Inner Cotton Plain with Awning

Inner Cotton Plain with Awning

New Item in the market!!!
Specially for our loyal buyer :)
Only 1 piece for each color!
Hurry! order your item now via our Order Form while stock last.

Material:  Cotton High Quality
Measurement of the inner cotton plain with awning
31cm X 26cm

Our Special Price: RM15 each
$5 USD
$3 GBP
Market Price: RM20

Hot Pink - 
Soft Pink - 
Hot Red - 

Light Pink - SOLD to Naniey
Pale Violet Red - 
Medium Violet Red - SOLD to Maimunah

Plum - SOLD to Naniey
Purple - SOLD to Hariza
Violet - SOLD to Sabirah

Pale Turquoise - 
Medium Turquoise - SOLD to Hariza
Royal Blue - SOLD to Maimunah

Light Slate Gray - 
Dark Gray - SOLD to Naniey
Black - SOLD to Maimunah

Burly Wood - SOLD to Hariza
Dark Brown - SOLD to Hariza
Black - SOLD to Latifah

Beige - SOLD to Maimunah
Aqua - SOLD to Maimunah

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