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Contest Winner Announcement

Contest Winners for "1st Anniversary Contest by My Online Boutique For You"

Ramadhan Mubarak! We at "My Online Boutique For You" would like to wish all Muslim a bless month of Ramadhan. Ramadhan Kareem.

Salam All,

Firstly, so sorry for the delay to make this announcement....we have been so busy preparing for this Ramadhan.

So here the winners:

1st winner
3 scarfs by My Online Boutique For You
* 1 instance scarf, 1 syria & 1 pashmina plus 1 cotton lycra inner

47. eyza ♥; Tag Line: look gorgeous with muslimah stuff in online boutique

Second winner
2 scarfs by My Online Boutique For You
* 1 instance scarf & 1 pashmina plus 1 cotton lycra inner


Third winner
1 scarf by My Online Boutique For You
* 1 syria plus 1 cotton lycra inner

6. Ita; Tag Line: Butik Hijab Online pilihan ku...

Congratulation! for all the winners. For those who not lucky enough, please don't feel sad...InsyaAllah next time we will do the contest again with more prizes to be won.

 To the Winners, please submit your details via email not later then 1 week from now to us with following infos:

Full name:
Hp/Tel number:

Failure to do that, will cause the prizes to be frozen!

Thank You :) to all to make this contest successful. Don't forget to visit us regularly for more contest.

* My Online Boutique For You * 
Thank You For Online Shopping with Us 
Do come back regularly as we will update from time to time. 
Happy Shopping!


  1. Huhu~.. I'm not the winner.. Congrats to all 3 winners.. Ramadhan Kareem to MOBFY too.. ^_^

  2. alhamdulillah menang gak akhir nyer... nak send detail kat email yang mana yer

  3. first of all thank you to organizer ..
    alhamdulillah ..
    syukur , mungkin ini rezeki eyza di bulan ramdhan ..

  4. Salam,
    thanks for the Ramadhan Wishes & congrats for the winner.
    hadiah masih belum di hantar sbb tgh tunggu response dr lizawati.
    harap bersabar ye :))

  5. he..he..terima kasih..minta maaf bebanyak yer..tak perasan menang...tahniah pada semua yang menang jugak..


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