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Alphabet Pashmina 100% Cashmere

Alphabet Pashmina 100% Cashmere

Alphabet Pashmina has special alphabet emboss design inspired by Gucci. The 3 tone vibrant color make the pashmina look more elegant.

The softness of the fabric make you feel very comfort when you wear this pashmina. It simply can be worn in a variety of ways and is suitable for all occasions.Can be use as scarf or body wrap too...

Believe me you won't regret to have it!

Made from 100% Cashmere
Size : 180cm x 76 cm

Price: RM15 each

Classic & Elegant!
Color: Red Warrior
Code: SHW69
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Soft Grey + Gold
Code: SHW70
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Dark Grey + Ivory
Code: SHW71
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Dark Green
Code: SHW72
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Purple
Code: SHW73
Status: Available

Color: Black
Code: SHW74
Status: SOLD OUT

 Breathless Beauty!
Color: Saddle Brown
Code: SHW75
Status: Available

 Beauty Fashion!
Color: Dark Golden Rod
Code: SHW76
Status: Available

Refreshingly Different!
Color: Fresh Blue
Code: SHW77
Status: SOLD OUT

Hijabista Fashion!
Color: Crimson
Code: SHW78
Status: SOLD OUT

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