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Pashmina Nuhaa

Pashmina Nuhaa

Indulge yourself with this exclusive, high end pashmina, weaved to perfection with our latest design Pashmina Nuhaa with attractive colors to choose. A luxurious pashmina is the perfect fashion accessory for any season, event or occasion! You will feel as great as you look.

Very soft and light weight Pashmina. Wear it as a stole, or wrap it around as a hijab, your choice! These are great for holidays or any time you want to feel special!
Believe me you won't regret to have it!

Measurement: approximately 70" x 25" with 4" fringe
Fabric Care: Hand wash or Dry Clean Only.
Material: 100% Pashmina

Price: RM30 each

Pashmina shawls are not a trend item, they are a wardrobe must-have for all ladies :D

 Pashmina Nuhaa Sweet
Code: SHW160
Status: SOLD OUT

 Pashmina Nuhaa Natural
Code: SHW161
Status: SOLD OUT

 Pashmina Nuhaa Charmed
Code: SHW162
Status: SOLD OUT

 Pashmina Nuhaa Glamour
Code: SHW163
Status: SOLD OUT

 Pashmina Nuhaa Harmony
Code: SHW164
Status: Available

Pashmina Nuhaa Elegant
Code: SHW165
Status: SOLD OUT

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