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Inner Neck Covered Cotton Premium Vol. 3

Inner Neck Covered Cotton Premium 
Vol. 3

This Inner Neck Covered Cotton Premium is very light and comfortable to wear. Material is from High Quality Cotton.Easy to wear and to keep especially when travel. 

Suitable for every muslimah to wear this with other transparent hijab. It also can be wear with other type of hijab such as outer syria, shawls, pashmina & bawal scarves. The advantage if you buy this, you can wear this for swimming as well to replace swim cap :)

Price: RM25 each  

Color: Black
Code: INC011
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Turquoise
Code: INC012
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Yellow Mustard
Code: INC013
Status: Available

Color: Sweet Pink
Code: INC014
Status: Available

Color: Violet
Code: INC015
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Belacan
Code: INC016
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: White
Code: INC017
Status: Available

Color: Soft Blue
Code: INC018
Status: Available

Color: Dark Blue
Code: INC019
Status: SOLD OUT

Color: Steel Blue
Code: INC020
Status: SOLD OUT

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