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Shawl Half Moon Paisley Zaara

Shawl Half Moon Paisley Zaara

Chiffon from the French word for a cloth or rag, is a lightweight. Chiffon is most commonly used in scarves for giving an elegant and floating appearance. Chiffon is smoother and more lustrous than the similar fabric georgette.

The word ‘paisley’ is world famous as the name of the teardrop or tadpole shape pattern, used on everything from haute couture to a whole range of everyday domestic goods and gift items.

The Shawl Half Moon Paisley is a shawl made from Chiffon with Paisley Pattern. We choose the good quality chiffon and very unique Paisley design. 

Combination of the colors will make your look more cheerful and at the same time look elegant!

Material: High Quality Chiffon
Measurement: Approximately 1.5m X 0.6m
Price: RM35 each

This shawl can be wear with any type of inner / underscarfs & can be style base on individual creativity :)

Most important it's material very soft to your skin and easy to wear :)

Hurry, stock are limited! Pick yours one...and this type of shawl should not be missed!
It must have item in every hijabi wordrobe :)

Paisley Zaara Gorgeous
Code: SHWBJ28
Status: SOLD OUT

 Paisley Zaara Modern
Code: SHWBJ29
Status: SOLD OUT


 Paisley Zaara Cool
Code: SHWBJ30
Status: SOLD OUT

Paisley Zaara Contemporary
Code: SHWBJ31
Status: SOLD OUT

 Paisley Zaara Elegant
Code: SHWBJ32
Status: SOLD OUT

 Paisley Zaara Beauty
Code: SHWBJ33
Status: SOLD OUT

 Paisley Zaara Awesome
Code: SHWBJ34
Status: SOLD OUT

 Paisley Zaara Lovely
Code: SHWBJ35
Status: SOLD OUT

  Paisley Zaara Classical
Code: SHWBJ36
Status: SOLD OUT

Paisley Zaara Luxurious
Code: SHWBJ37
Status: Available

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