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Shawl Half Moon Myraa Vol. 2

Shawl Half Moon Myraa
Vol. 2

Chiffon from the French word for a cloth or rag, is a lightweight. Chiffon is most commonly used in scarves for giving an elegant and floating appearance. Chiffon is smoother and more lustrous than the similar fabric georgette.

The Shawl Half Moon Myraa is a shawl made from Chiffon with very exclusive pattern. We choose the good and high quality chiffon. 

Material: High Quality Chiffon
Measurement: Approximately 1.7m X 0.6m
Price: RM35 each

This shawl can be wear with any type of inner / underscarfs & can be style base on individual creativity :)
Most important it's material very soft to your skin and easy to wear at all times :)

Don't wait! BUY NOW! HOT item selling fast :)
I can't wait to see you all wear this gorgeous Myraa shawl.

Choose your favorite below ;)

 Half Moon Myraa Cute Small Love
Code: SHWBJ72
Status: SOLD OUT

 Half Moon Myraa Butterfly Garden Pink
Code: SHWBJ73
Status: SOLD OUT

 Half Moon Myraa Small Paisley
Code: SHWBJ74
Status: SOLD OUT

 Half Moon Myraa Love with Ribbon
Code: SHWBJ75
Status: SOLD OUT

 Half Moon Myraa Geometry
Code: SHWBJ76
Status: SOLD OUT

 Half Moon Myraa Butterfly Garden Dark Turquoise
Code: SHWBJ77
Status: Available

 Half Moon Myraa In Love!
Code: SHWBJ78
Status: SOLD OUT

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