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Shawl Ashley Ombre Half Moon Vol 2

Shawl Ashley Ombre Half Moon Vol 2

Right on Trend!
From casual to eye-catching, find trendy pieces to complete your wardrobe. Our latest half moon plain shawl Ashley Ombre that everyone would definitely love. Very comfortable and simple yet stunning. Timeless yet contemporary for stylish hijabista!

Material: High Quality Chiffon
Measurement: Length 170cm X 75cm (approx)
Price: RM35 each [exclude postage]

Ashley Cream Purple Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ128
Status: SOLD OUT

 Ashley Purple Green Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ129
Status: SOLD OUT

 Ashley Light Purple Emerald Green Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ130
Status: SOLD OUT

 Ashley Medium Orchid Dark Olive Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ131
Status: SOLD OUT

 Ashley Light Purple Crimson Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ132
Status: SOLD OUT

 Ashley Light Pink Orange Gold Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ133
Status: SOLD OUT

 Ashley Light Coral Pale Violet Red Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ134
Status: SOLD OUT

 Ashley Wheat Dark Blue Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ135
Status: SOLD OUT

 Ashley Powder Blue Olive Drab Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ136
Status: SOLD OUT

Ashley Sea Green Magenta Ombre Shawl
Code: SHWBJ137
Status: SOLD OUT

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